The entire office furniture range is designed in accordance with the modular concept of the Markant System Architecture '. The modular design with interchangeable components allows any combination of work tables, conference tables and bench configurations possible.

Due to the modular component structure components can be reused in new configurations, to be upgraded or simply recycled. This allows customers to customize their workplaces in the course of time to new situations without huge cost implications.
MSA has the main advantage that customers can adapt their workplaces in the course of time to new situations without huge cost implications.



  • Re-use in new configurations
  • Quick and easy disassembly of products in favor of recycling
  • Limited waste by replacing defective parts rather than 'all' furniture
  • Reduction of fuel consumption by the greatly reduced volume of furniture during transport.

MSA Approvals

Markant also guarantees the quality of its products through standardized production rules, permanent inspection procedures and guidelines for several local suppliers. All Markant products feature ISO and several other labels.
In order to guarantee the quality, the products from the pilot run are subjected to testing a wide range. Another form of providing quality certificates for the ISO standard 9001. This means that the internal production and distribution procedures are defined, are publicly available and are checked and corrected at regular intervals. For environmental Markant possesses the ISO 14001 certificate.


Markant is ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certified. This is verified annually by Lloyd's Register. Markant furniture also meets the Dutch standard NEN 2449: 1990, which provides guidelines for ergonomic workplaces. Guidelines, requirements and test methods prepared and implemented by the renowned research institute TNO in Delft.


Document Composition

Markant supplies at its office furniture lines a compound document. The composition document is included in the 'criteria for sustainable purchasing of office "to facilitate maintenance and recycling. The label contains the list of all materials used in the furniture and the weight of those materials. This document can be requested via the Sales Support department.