Healthy working


Office workers are on average seated for 75% of their working day.
In addition, the average adult spends approximately 85% of their free time sitting. In an average day, we could be seated for up to 11 hours. The shocking negative effects are becoming increasingly apparent.

Technological developments, while important, are also primary influencers of increased sedentary behavior. By increasing use of PC, TV, tablet, smart phones and game consoles we move significantly less than we did 50 years ago, both work and at home.

Recent scientific studies have shown the risk of prolonged sitting; including decreased quality of life and increased risk of premature death.

Prolonged sitting has an adverse effect on blood flow and metabolism in the muscles and increases the chances of a variety of health risks including type II diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. It’s important to recognise that even people who are active outside of work are not immune to the negative effects of a sedentary desk job.

Burning sugars and fats

The frequent use of the legs and buttocks, the largest muscles in the body, is of great importance in the combustion of sugars and fats from the blood. The movement of muscles start important processes in the body and pumps more blood and oxygen to the brain in which all kinds of mood-enhancing chemicals are released. Frequent alternate standing and sitting at work and movement within the office reduces the effects of lengthy inactivity.


Reducing sitting

Markant stimulates Dynamic Working with a product range designed to facilitate movement throughout the day. With our innovative workplaces, prolonged sitting is substantially reduced, stimulating circulation and therefore benefiting creativity, productivity and quality and length of life.

Reduced risk of diseases

Dynamic Working reduces the risk of depression, cancer, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. The investment in Active Working is more than offset by reduced truancy/ sick days, employees are also seen to be much more creative, productive, and truly enjoy their work environment.

Enjoying a work environment is not only positively influenced by Dynamic Working. A warm and human design is of great importance. A work environment that is pleasant, soothing and harmonious is a major contributor to mental health.


Durable materials

In the design of workplaces, much attention is paid to the use of sustainable and interchangeable materials, facilitating intelligence, modularity and flexibility. Therefore, our workplaces not only to respond to your individual needs, but also to changes in the future of the environment.

Markant is not only focused on People. Focus on Planet and Profit is just as important to us. Sustainable entrepreneurship in all its facets keeps us busy every day.